About Us

Hydropure (International) Limited ,which was established in 1996, our main objective is to provide retail services for customers such that they can enjoy the reverse osmosis drinking water system.

Based in Hong Kong, Macau and Shenzhen, We carried to the corporate, domestic, hotels and hospitality industries. Our company is to provide all our clients with a excellence service in teams of advice on products installation and most importantly, after sell services. We will continue to take good of consumer health by manufacturing reliable, safe, easy to use R.O. water system. We benefit our customers businesses by offer high quality, products, timely delivery, technology innovation and customized services.

Hydropure specialize in the purification and special of R.O. water. Set up to installation & maintain the R.O. systems.

Hydropure (International) Limited have a team of well trained technicians to provide professional opinion and service to you.

If you feel you need advice on your exiting, water filtration system or if you would like to learn more about our services. Please call us, phone 25227757

We will undertake a direct comparison of water quality between your tap water and some tap water treated by our Reverse Osmosis system. This will show you the volume of dissolved solids (TDS) in particles per million (ppm) as well as a broad spectrum of what those contaminants are. At the same time we can assess what system is applicable for your individual requirements.

For further information, please contact us.(here)